In Appreciation of You!

Sammy B. Khayat | Nov. 6, 2017 | Featured | Comments (0)

Although the road to recovery was long and slow following the fire that engulfed our old facility in the winter of 2015. Our grand reopening on Monday, October 30th, 2017 would not have come to fruition if not for the support of our local communities.

For the existence of PennsMobile is predicated on the strong beliefs and support from our loyal customers, without whom our voice within the community would have been a short lived echo.

In furtherance thereto, PennsMobile would like to separately acknowledge the following two individuals for their highly valued contributions, unwavering commitment, and generosity which paved the way to our grand reopening!

Special thanks to...

Mike Kline

Owner and Manager of Kline's Garage in Pine Grove Mills. Mike extend us the opportunity of utilizing his facility as a stage on which we could carry out our operations until the completion of our new facility.

Left to Right : Robert Khayat and Mark Kline

Farai Musandipa

Manager of PennsMobile, Farai displayed unflinching dedication to the business and ensured the sustainability of our operations following the fire.

Farai Musandipa, Manager

Furthermore, Robert Khayat, owner of PennsMobile, would like to thank his wife and son for their emotional support in the weeks following the fire, as well as for contributing their design ideas for the new facility.

In summary, all of us at PennsMobile would like to say...

Thank You for Your Continued Support!